Week Notes 20#34

A pretty long, stressful and emotionally exhausting week.

  • Apex Legends season 6 dropped! I've played a couple of evenings of it, and am enjoying the map changes, as well as the new meta
  • While playing Apex on Tuesday, my PC randomly crashed. Just complete power off. I wondered if it was overheating, as it was pretty hot then, but it did it again on Wednesday. It turns out that my desktop decided it has had enough. After a few, very stressful hours of investigating, I found the red CPU diagnosis light blinking and the Q-code LED was set to 00 which indicates something wrong with either the CPU or the Motherboard.
    • I ordered a lower power (but more importantly, low cost, given the chipset) CPU which although it got a little bit further in the bootup sequence, it ended up still dying, which means it's the motherboard
    • Ended up (accidentally) buying two new motherboards to replace my current one (this time with Wifi and Bluetooth cause they were available), one of which was a counter offer for the auction, and the other that was buy-it-now, but would arrive Tuesday/Wednesday. Later that evening getting a notification to say I'd got the other bid was a bit annoying - so I guess I've now got a spare to try and sell on
    • Coding on my laptop is quite difficult, and although I know I used to do it a fair bit with hackathons, they often didn't involve running IntelliJ and being on a Zoom call at the same time. At least I'm getting more use out of my Packed Pixel again!
    • I really hope it's sorted soon, because it's definitely not helping with everything going on right now, especially as Apex Legends is a good outlet (and fun hobby) when I don't necessarily want to be busy with things
  • Things got pretty busy towards the end of the week at work, as a lot of things needed my time, which is a shame after a quiet start to the week
  • Thought we'd be OK with a non-Asda pizza for Saturday night, but were thoroughly disappointed. Although it was nice a few weeks ago, it was now underwhelming as we know that Asda pizza is available again!
  • Enjoyed the IndieAuth Pop-Up session, which had a few interesting topics. Although I'm not working on Consumer Identity at Capital One, and am soon moving from PSD2, I'm wondering about my alignment and interest in OAuth2, OpenID Connect and other identity open standards, and whether I should try and get more involved.
  • It looks like the house we want may be the one so we're just trying to finalise a few things before we put in an official offer
  • After the house viewing I went to Lidl and a) experienced a super aggressive fight between a shopper and the staff and b) got some still gooey cookies
  • We got a new car! It's a snazzy Aygo (which Cat was super happy about!)
  • Anna and I had a really nice afternoon at the Arboretum
  • Spent a bit more time looking into the squad healthcheck model and building something new for the team
  • Spend Sunday afternoon tearing apart my side of the office, replacing my current desk with my standing desk, only a month after I bought it 🙄 But it looks super great, and I'm looking forward to having an official standing desk! It's also a bit bigger, so it won't be quite as frustrating fighting for space
  • Listened to the talks from Lead Dev Live while doing ☝️ which was nice, as it was good to have in the background, and there were some interesting talks
  • Didn't do any Ring Fit Friday/Saturday, but with the walk and moving the office around, I got at least a bit of exercise
  • The new Wonder Woman trailer launched (this time not a fake) which let on a bit more of the plot than probably hoped, and had a bit more Cheetah than expected, but still good!
  • Gotham Knights looks pretty good, and I like the way that each character is a bit more varied than Batman, but looking at the
  • Managed to read most nights this week, which has been nice
  • Got the NAS and Nuc set up again, so it'll be nice to use them again, as they've not been around for a while
  • Morph's been using his litter tray for the first time in so long! Hopefully this will lead to a change in behaviour from now on
  • Had a nice chat with Neeshu on Monday - it's been a while since we've caught up and we had a good long chat about all sorts of things!
  • Back on call, but so far quiet!
  • Watched Law Abiding Citizen
  • Watched most of Blackkklansman - which we'll be finishing tomorrow. It's definitely a difficult watch, mostly because it's awful to realise that all these years later, we're still seeing such awful racism

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