Week Notes 20#33

A very hot week, but ended with quite a cool weekend:

  • Three-day weekend started with seeing the family on Monday, which was nice, and I definitely got a nice tan in the gorgeous weather! We were running a bit late on the way home so we joined via Zoom on my phone and listened to the talks, which although we couldn't see the slides, was better than missing it!
  • Did a lightning talk at Tech Nottingham about my experience the IndieWeb, with a talk titled 'Joining the IndieWeb, or "Why it takes me between 5 minutes and 6 months to reply to your tweet"', in which I gave a little intro to the IndieWeb, and proceeded taking the mick out of my poorly built tooling for sending Webmentions which either massively spammed people for many months or didn't send Webmentions for interactions for many months
  • I may have found the source of my Netlify issues, which may have been due to me returning 3xxs to hide bad requests, but seems unlikely. I'm monitoring it and will see if that resolves it
  • Two releases for jwks-ical this week, one for work, and one just because I can, and I wanted to play with fusionauth-jwt
    • Was really annoyed that Google Calendar doesn't seem to import the valarms from iCalendar though
  • Been thinking a lot about Morph's mortality as this week after seeing the sad news from Jenni and Joe - yesterday his confidence didn't seem great, and we're aware he's getting on, although he's only 9, so not super old
  • Had a really good talk at PHPMiNDS from Lorna about OpenAPI - got a lot of learnings out of it and a new drive to make our internal OpenAPI standards better at work (especially as I've just been involved in some upcoming tweaks to our PSD2 developer docs)
  • Managed to catch up a bit on sleep this weekend which has been nice, as through the week I ended up waking up and staying up most mornings, so days were longer than planned
  • I've been getting back to reading more this week, and most nights have done 1-2 chapters
  • Spent Saturday morning playing with Money Dashboard to get my finances all connected together, and found it super fun trying out different Open Banking flows - I definitely had a look at some of the requests going through, and was interested to see the various consent journeys
  • Had an amazing Coronation Chicken Naanwich & Spiced Potatoes for dinner tonight - super easy to make, and super yum
  • Super excited for the new Apex Legends season
  • Noticed that I'm actually getting muscles from Ring Fit Adventures, which I guess is to be expected, but given I've only done 20 days on it so far, that's really impressive. I've also not felt I've been working that hard, so I'm going to try and push myself a bit more, leaving the game to recommend sets of exercises to target different areas
  • Finished the Drambuie after many long months
  • Had a couple of nice thank yous on Twitter from folks finding my articles useful
  • Had some good luck with poaching eggs in a frying pan
  • 🍕🍕🍕 Asda pizza is back 🍕🍕🍕 - it was so good!! It's going to make it harder to decide which takeaway we get each week, but it's really nice to have it back as an option, even if it's not every week
    • It was the first time in many months that I'd been to a large supermarket, as any shopping I've done has been at Coop (as I can't drive)
    • Was surprising to see how few folks were wearing masks (staff included) and that regard for 2 meter distancing was very low - although admittedly we didn't stay as far from folks, partly as we were wearing masks
  • Discovered a lot of good music this week via HRVY's Jams
  • As ever, I'm finding more projects to jump into, and may look at supporting private_key_jwt as an OAuth2 clients' authentication method in Spring Security, as it doesn't appear to be supported yet upstream, and I'd quite like to build something that can support it for folks needing it
  • Work this week has been a bit more hands-off, but it's left me free to pick up some exploratory work that's needed ahead of next sprint, and also has meant I've been able to delve in a few things I've wanted to that have been on the backburner. Hoping that this week there's more I'll be able to get stuck into, though
  • Got a few blogumentation posts out this weekend which was nice - especially after a joking comment at work about not seeing any new blog posts shared in our Slack channels 😅
  • Got a snazzy new fan from the parents which has been super useful this week - not least because it has a little thermometer in it!
  • My tailbone has still been a little tender which hasn't helped for some of my Ring Fit exercises!
  • Hit issue number 1000 on my site - not only does this track bugs, but also feature requests and articles
  • Watched Solo
  • Watched Project Power

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