Week Notes 20#32

Another pretty (emotionally) exhausting week, starting off with a three day weekend, but definitely felt like I'd not had a day off, as the week ended being super tired:

  • Had a few messages from some other asynchronous friends, which was nice to hear that they're reading these - so 👋 you!
  • Saw the dream house again on Tuesday, but unfortunately through the week, we've decided that it's probably not quite for us, given the price, some of the other maintenance costs
  • Was a happy start to the work week on Tuesday, as Monday evening I got to bed on time, and got some reading in, too!
  • Slipped down the stairs on Wednesday, which wasn't a bad one, but my tailbone felt a little tender
  • I think I've managed to get my step counts publishing to my website again - it appears to be to do with my Spring configuration. But we'll find out tonight if it works or not, fully, but I've got them backfilled for everything since mid-May when it broke
  • Made some great progress with my Micropub server rewrite, and sent a few requests into it, so I'm feeling like maybe it'll be done in the next week or so - maybe on my staging server for now, just to give me some confidence it works
  • Been not quite as busy this week at work, as we're trying to keep my time a bit more free for supporting newer members of the team, and helping support the team as I start to transition out
    • it's meant I've not had as much to keep me occupied, and with everything else going on at the moment, I've been a little less engaged, but had some time to support with some PR review on some shared codebases
  • It's the last two weeks of the Apex Legends season, and I've managed to finish my season pass already - was pretty happy unlocking all the things, and not rushing towards the end of the season. I think it's probably due to playing more because of the quest
  • Had a lovely Saturday evening out at Sneinton Market Street Food Club with friends
    • Had some amazing loaded fries from Disco Fries, a nice vegan burger from 13th Element and some great pork steamed buns from Umai, and then Ice-cream Supremos with Luisa's Vegan Chocolate
    • Was really nice to be out with real people around, although it was a bit loud and the seating didn't make it super helpful
    • Walked into town, which although it didn't feel bad on the way - especially in the heat - I definitely felt it the next day. It's probably good as I missed a day of Ring Fit
    • Socially distanced tables were interesting - we had full table service through a web-app, and both the welcome staff and the table staff all had PPE on them. Not being able to go up and queue was oddly a shame, as it's nice to be there, smelling the food, seeing it being cooked, but it was also nice being waited on, after so long of us doing it ourselves! There was a one-way system, which I'm not sure how well it was abided by, but that and the space between tables was well done
  • Got a tonne of bites / heat rashes, which is not the most fun
  • Was meant to see the family on Sunday for my mum's birthday, but dun goofed and didn't get Gousto rescheduled so we couldn't risk going down
    • Was definitely gutted, and feeling crap about it, but we're seeing them tomorrow, which will be nice
    • I did cook Thai Broth With Crispy Chicken & Coconut Rice tonight, which was super yummy, and I think I managed to do it in just under 40 minutes
  • Been feeling very meh over the weekend, but especially today, and after it being such a exhausting week. Was nice to see friends and have a little sense of normalcy again
  • Caught up with The Boys ahead of the new season
  • Got my first supporter on buy me a coffee, which is really cool, especially as it's not been up for that long

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