Week Notes 20#31

A pretty (emotionally) exhausting week - with house viewings, the adulting that goes along with it and a prophetic dream - but also a fairly busy work, and it's been super hot.

  • Didn't end up having breakfast on Tuesday - I started work a bit earlier due to some issues, then I went into meetings and then it was lunchtime before I noticed
  • Had a good first 10:10 with my new manager, who I'm very much looking forward to working with further, and building up a relationship with before we officially start working together as a team
  • House hunting has been super exciting - but a bit intense - this week
    • There's been a lot of being outside, around people
    • Having difficulty weighing up a slightly more expensive, but perfect, house with being sensible and not going for something too much. Having a dream house that fits a lot of the needs we have going forward is better than spending a lot of money on a not-quite-ideal place
    • Went to the Lidl bakery for the first time in ages and got a few bakery items, which was so nice!
    • Been through a lot of meh houses, and several really nice ones
    • Had a difficult conversation on Sunday with the family about houses
  • Didn't do Ring Fit Adventures on Wednesday, and didn't do a big workout on Friday, so am definitely running behind on it, but I've decided that it's been a pretty intense week, so I need the sleep/rest more than the exercise
  • Decided we should stop getting chorizo in our Gousto meals, as we don't really like it generally, so the meals we have are never enjoyable
  • Saw Emma and Andrew, which was super lovely, and it was a really nice day
    • Walked over 5 miles in the lovely sun!
    • Had my first shandy, which was super nice - I can't believe it's the first time I've had it
  • Fixed an issue with how my Micropub client handles authorization codes
  • Found a public justice.gov.uk link to one of my articles, which is cool!
  • Saw some unfortunate news about a couple we used to know, which was a bit hard to stomach
  • Keeping up to date on messages this week has been quite difficult and I've found it to be something that's always playing at the back of my mind
  • Managed to lose half a stone this week, but then put a lot of it back on over the weekend. Doh!
  • Been struggling with the mammoth task of the Micropub server rewrite, and changing my mind on implementation a little more
  • Watched Knives Out
  • Watched rocknrolla
  • Watched Moana
    • While watching it, I was thinking "oh, we should really rewatch Hamilton", and then found it's because Lin-Manuel Miranda was involved as a Songwriter/Vocalist

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