Week Notes 20#30

Some late days at work, and not much reading:

  • Had a good chat with James about hiring practices and building truly diverse teams/organisations - we're on the same page about a lot of things (such as use of personal projects as a gauge for passion, or about how we should be investing better in junior developers / career changers)
  • Learned about, and spend some time investigating moto on Tuesday
  • Got my hair cut
  • Bought Moving Out for the Switch which is a bit less fun, and more strategic, than Good Job but we'll continue to play, maybe with the assist mode enabled
  • Work's Summer Party on Thursday was good fun - it was of course a different format to usual, but our host Ellie Taylor was very funny, and the live music from colleagues is always great
  • We've been trying to decide about the setup in the office, as even with the dampeners, it's still fairly loud when we're both on calls together, so optimising the setup is best
    • I tried to spend more of Friday out of the office when I was on calls, which helped
  • Had some good adulting chats this weekend, and have been having a look at houses (as Carol/Thom have been too) and found a really amazing house which kinda fits in with the layout, number of rooms for separate offices/having guests, as well as an exercise room, a VR room, and a sauna! As now's a good time to buy things (economy wise) I'm going to start seriously thinking about buying a new place, and why not start with your dream house, right? 😬
  • Went to Ikea and finally got a new standing desk, but as we need to do a fair bit of reshuffling, we've not yet put it up
    • Was surprisingly few people in masks given they're required, and both we and other people were definitely not keeping 2m apart, so that wasn't great
  • Got some jazzy new trainers from Decathalon which should help with my Ring Fit
  • Had a relaxed Saturday, mostly chilling on the sofa
  • Got a fair bit of house tidying out of the way this weekend
  • Had the Micropub Pop-Up session in which I didn't have as much to contribute as I'd hoped - but it was interesting to be part of the conversations, and share what I could
  • Had a disappointing order from Rikshaw, not least because they gave me a hotter curry than I wanted, and the Mango Lassis had to be delivered 20 minutes later
  • Finished Alex Rider
  • A few production issues towards the end of the week - two out of our control, one due to missed testing - and picked up on a few vendor defects
  • Haven't played a lot of Paper Mario this week
  • Watched The Saint (2017) which was not great
  • Watched Shutter Island for the first time - was very good!
  • Started watching Schitt's Creek
  • Increasingly frustrated with Alexa's Spotify integration no longer working for us
  • Been pretty bad with keeping up with correspondence this week
  • Fixed a few issues with infinite redirects on my site due to Gotcha: Netlify Makes All Your Filenames Case-Insensitive
  • Slowly making more progress on the Micropub server rewrite with validation management, but there's still a lot to go before I can even start thinking about testing it even on my staging site
  • Fixed a tonne of redirect issues that have been around for a while, and Adoni mentioned, which have caused infinite redirects - now fixed and more of my site is accessible again

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