Week Notes 20#3

I'm posting this a little bit early, as tomorrow I'm off to Tenerife with my family. This week was super duper busy, and I'm pretty glad it's over:

  • It was meetup week:
  • Preparing for holiday, so bits of packing and sorting stuff at home, but looking forward to a week away in Tenerife
  • At work:
    • Finalised this PI's workload, which I'm fairly happy with
    • Had some good pairing with a colleague on some shell scripting to automate OpenSSL + certificate chain creation
    • Had a really positive End of Year appraisal - I'm in a good place for hopeful progression this year, and I know what I need to do to succeed
    • Presented my first piece of work at Technical Design Review at work
    • Performed first production release with new CI/CD setup, and aside from a minor change for the Production-only pipeline, everything worked awesomely
    • Lots of competing priorities, and lots that needed to be done before I left for Tenerife
  • Didn't get a chance to work on Brid.gy Meetup support
  • On this site:
    • Added the rewriting of Twitter usernames to @username for easier Twitter syndication i.e. /mf2/2020/01/ri7lj/
    • Realised I'm now hitting the limits of Pushbullet API access - /mf2/2020/01/yelaf/
    • Added the rewriting of #HashTags to a tag on the content for hash-tag, allowing me to own my hashtags, too
    • Interacted a lot with folks on Twitter using this site + Brid.gy syndication
  • Back to Gousto this week, but unfortunately found that with meetup week (which was busier than planned, especially with PHPMiNDS moving a week behind) we only got round to 2/3 meals by tonight - not great! Hopefully when I'm back we'll be better at it.

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