Week Notes 20#29

  • Been a bit better at leaving early this week, which has been nice to have a better balance
  • Finished the Apex Legends hunts, and am very excited for the new season
  • 10% time returned this week, and made some good progress on tweaking the way our Acceptance Tests run
  • Had a really great Tech Nottingham on Monday
    • A great - and disheartening - look at the state of (Internet of Things) software
    • The return of Andrew as the quizmaster was amazing, and it was performed so well with the virtual setup, it felt like I was back at Hack24!
    • Event ended a bit late, and then Morph / cooking dampened the evening
  • Enjoyed watching Morph scare away a black cat sitting under a car in front of the house on Monday
  • We had a new team member join, and it's nice to have someone new with us
  • Did some prefactoring on a shared codebase to make things easier for team members working on some innersourcing, but had a lot of pain getting Maven running both JUnit4 + JUnit5, as I didn't make it clear enough in my blog post about it - I've now updated it to save the next person looking into it
  • Escape room didn't happen this week - may have been that I didn't have it correctly in the calendar
  • Morph came in one morning with a claw coming out of his cheek - which seems like it was from a fight - but he seemed not bothered by it at all, and we've made sure it's alright
  • Ring Fit Adventures this week didn't go so well - late nights and low motivation meant I didn't do as much
    • On Saturday I updated the difficulty level, but accidentally changed it from 11 to 22 (out of 30 total) which was not OK. Having to do a leg-heavy level absolutely killed me, but Anna cheered me on, and I was then able to bring it down to a more respectable level
  • Learned about the <datalist> HTML5 element (but I'd love to have a multi-select ability)
  • Yet again found that Smoky Spanish Chicken, Patatas Bravas & Aioli is an amazing recipe
  • Sad to not have Rich and Sophie's wedding yesterday
  • Was able to grab some old Slack conversations that may come in handy in the future
  • Finally got around to our last Easter Egg
  • Sunday afternoon stroll with Anna, and some good chats
  • Gave up re-enabling my post-deploy Webhooks regularly and reached out to Netlify about webhook issues
  • Been making more progress on the Micropub refactor, but it's going to be a mega-MR, and I wish I had a slightly better way to build it in, slowly
  • Got Paper Mario which I've been enjoying - art style, humour, and gameplay!
  • Been finding my infinity cube really useful, and it's making a big difference with fidgeting when doing things! Although unfortunately it is pretty loud
  • Almost finished Modern Family on Netflix
  • Watched Disclosure
  • Watched Code 8
  • Watched Late Night
  • Watched Black Panther
  • Really need to get my hair cut!
  • The tribe promotion announcements were good fun, and I really enjoyed Chris' speech for me

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