Week Notes 20#27

A pretty frustrating week at work, leading to the end of the quarter. As it was Anna's birthday on Saturday we're taking a long weekend, so Thursday was my last day in the office for the quarter, so it led to quite a hectic end.

  • Started the week off well, with Ring Fit Adventures before work, but although I've done it the same amount as last week, I've felt I've been a little less motivated to do it, but I'm enjoying it still
  • Finally got my Herman Miller Aeron, super late
    • I did at least get a 15% discount, but the poor handling of the botched delivery has made me really dislike their official delivery. I'd recommend others just get it through someone reliable like John Lewis
    • It's been good so far, but somehow hasn't magically fixed my back. That's annoying 🤷
    • My back has been hurting a little this week, and I think it's because my back is actually
  • Had to step in to pick up a few things at work as there wasn't much capacity from other folks. However, it's meant I've been able to work on a few things that I'd wanted to do anyway, and has given me a bit more code than I'd expected.
  • I've been working on one of the codebases of the service I used to support on my old team, and it's amazing just how much I've grown technically in the last 9 months. A number of things that used to look good are now, really not so good, and there are some really good opportunities in there to make the project better. It's really nice to see how far I've come since then, as I've written a lot of that not-so-good code!
  • Really good DevOps Notts on Tuesday with some great talks by some awesome people, about a number of topics around Diversity in Tech
  • A really good Women In Tech Nottingham
  • Something I've been trying to do recently is remove the word "obviously" from my vocabulary. It often masks implicit knowledge that isn't always implicit, and is very othering to folks that don't understand. I've been replacing it with i.e. "as you would expect", but it doesn't really work as a substitute. However, I've found that when speaking, I'll start to say it, and then realise that actually the wording doesn't work, and instead rephrase the whole comment. I quite like that it's helping nudge me along to better language
  • It was my Dad's birthday on Wednesday, and so we went to see the family on Friday, which was so lovely to see them, for the first time in about 120 days. It was a bit odd to be there after so long, and sad that we couldn't hug, but it was lovely
    • We had the last of Kaki's samosas, which was a lovely touch, and I know she would've wanted it
    • I got the last of the puren puri for takeaway, which again was niec
    • Had some lovely Biryani from the Dishoom Cookery Book
  • It was Anna's birthday on Saturday, which was nice and a bit quieter than last year, but we're looking forward to celebrating fully with friends
  • Watched Hamilton for the first time, and then again for the Tech Nottingham watchalong
    • Given the hype for it, I don't think it really held up to it, but it was good, and there is a great mix of emotion
  • Watched Horrible Bosses
  • Watched Horrible Bosses 2
  • Got the cleaners in for the first time since lockdown, which was nice to get the house sorted before the weekend
  • Job-related news hinted at last week has had some updates, but not quite ready to announce until I have a bit more info
  • Managed to complete all the Apex Legends event, a week before it ends - awesome! Although I kinda want some of the paid-for skins, but I don't think I'll do it
  • Realised two big bugs with my site's infrastructure:
    • Steps aren't sending, and haven't been since May. It appears that the OAuth2 client I've been using up until now has been deleted, but I managed to get it re-created and authorized, so it should be updated now.
    • My interactions for anything since Platform-Aware @-mentioning People on my Blog may be broken, as the Microformats2 for my nested h-cites are incorrect
  • Started making steps towards my rewrite of the internals of my Micropub server, which I'm hoping to be my primary upcoming focus for side projects, as for the last couple of months I've been holding off any internal development where possible as I'd prefer to be building on top of a better internal architecture
  • Feeling pretty burned out this week, with the end of the quarter, lots of stuff going on in and out of work, and definitely not sleeping or resting enough
  • Morph's been spending more time on the other sofa, which we're not happy with as we want cuddles
  • May have managed to get some more tan today

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