Week Notes 20#25

A tiring, not very productive week, ending with a very social weekend:

  • Wasn't the best week productivity-wise (in and out of work) - had a few days where I wasn't very motivated, and this sprint I'd not assigned much work to me on purpose, so I can support other folks. Managed to work on some other things that need to be done, but not necessarily right
  • Our green bin hasn't been picked up again, so it's over three weeks of rubbish, sitting in the sun - so who wouldn't have expected Content Warning: hover to view maggots? 🀒
  • Got the best time of the groups so far doing this week's Escape Room - yay us!
    • Although I was playing Apex Legends before, and I massively misjudged the time. I ended up making us start ~20 minutes late - booooo to me
  • Watched Ready Player One
  • Watched Game Night
  • Food this week hasn't been amazing - I didn't get to the Co-op until late on Monday, by which time it'd shut, and then as we were looking to see Emma and Andrew, and Anna's parents, over the weekend, we thought it'd be better to be careful about outside interactions. But it meant we didn't have the healthiest food
  • Got a delivery from Cote at Home for Father's Day, so we could have the same Father's Day meal as my family
    • Unfortunately the chicken wasn't super impressive, when we had it on Saturday
    • Steak was really good, and a nice change to have something that is a bit like a real life restaurant we'd go to
    • Looking forward to the burger tomorrow!
  • Low motivation led to takeaway Thursday/Friday - Rooster's medium wrap melted my face off 😭
  • Spent both days of the weekend being super social, which has led to being super exhausted - not used to such a social time, albeit nice:
    • Had a super lovely time seeing Andrew and Emma. It was such a lovely time, was a nice afternoon chatting and catching up, and had a really yum vegan socially-distant BBQ. Definitely felt like we were back in some sense of normalcy
    • Saw Anna's parents on Sunday, which was nice with it being Father's Day
    • Morph's been super surprised that he's not seen us lots over this weekend, and I think has been a bit put out by not having free reign of the house
    • Had a good chat with the cousins, but it started quite late on Saturday and after a long day I was very 😴 and it ended late
  • Ring Fit Adventures arrived! First day playing it has been fun - it's definitely a pretty big workout (so far) but hopefully will continue to work out, and actually do some exercise for a change!
  • Finally fixed my search
  • My new Herman Miller chair is still nowhere to be seen - after calling up the delivery company, they told me they didn't know anything about it. I called Herman Miller, they said it was picked up by the delivery folks. Second follow-up call, and they're still not sure what's gone wrong - hoping to get a call tomorrow about it, otherwise I'll need to chase again. Not what you expect for that amount of money..
  • Created /tags/guys/ on my site to capture all the good references I've got for why you should avoid the term
  • The other week I saw someone had visited my site over 700 times and I was pretty amazed. It turns out it was me on Firefox Preview - looks like uBlock Origin wasn't hooked in, nor did Firefox's tracking protection block my analytics. Woops! A little embarrassing as I was quite impressed someone visits my site that often πŸ˜‚
  • Super happy to welcome Bal to the PHPMiNDS organising team
  • Hit 100 days in isolation
  • Got dampeners for our mechanical keyboards for work, which are making it much better when we're both typing away

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