Week Notes 20#23

A very long week, with lots more overworking than I should have:

  • Monday was a great start to the week - I started the day off with some yoga, I had a productive day, and then while Anna was on a Tech Nottingham call I did the food shop, cleaned the kitchen, prepped fruit for breakfasts and cooked dinner - and got to bed at a reasonable time!
  • Tuesday started the downhill trend - no yoga, difficult to get up in the morning, and late to bed
  • Got my form in for mid-year, so 🤞 it'll be good news
  • Wednesday I spent some time setting up a GitLab CI shell executor, to look to migrate my site's deploys from Netlify's build system costing a lot
  • After complaining (in my head) at Netlify hitting weird errors on post-deploy which I had already fixed I realised I had missed a codepath
  • Had a lot of things go wrong at work on Thursday - a sign that I'm juggling too much, and that I need more of a break
  • Had some good drive to improve shared library usage internally - creating a couple of good cross-cutting ones, and with a few more on the horizon. Felt productive, and glad we can start to remove some of the duplication
  • Worked through Women in Tech on Thursday, as I got quite into some refactoring at work for adding in OpenID Connect Discovery as part of our End-to-End testing, which luckily was a good time to deliver it
    • What I did attend of Denise's talk was very good, and I'm sad I missed it
    • Bit burned out after the event (and very long day), so needed some quiet, but joined Anna for a chat with Emma and Andrew which was nice
  • Ordered a new desk chair which is very much required, and I'm really looking forward to
  • I'm very much enjoying Christine Dodrill's theme, and am most likely going to be redesigning my own site using egoist/hack very soon
  • Friday night KFC failures, with frustrated calls to Uber Eats support to get the order cancelled - ended up getting a :yum: Rikshaw, but then remembered that the food I was looking forward to was actually Desi Downtown (which had plenty of delivery issues itself)
  • Watched The Lovebirds
  • Saturday was a lovely day just on laptops/the sofa, where we watched:
    • Watched Let's Go To Prison
    • Watched Get Him to the Greek
    • Watched Get Hard
    • Watched When We First Met
    • Watched Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
    • Got KFC - wasn't that impressed with the Zinger burger, so back to Fillet it is
  • Had our first mycookiedough
  • Ending the weekend feeling pretty exhausted - it's been an emotionally big week (with sociopolitical factors increasing in intensity) - and maybe not quite ready for work again
  • Hoping to book some time off soon for Anna's birthday, but also considering booking more Fridays off to help space out my time off - I've got a lot of holidays, and I think it'll be good to start with making me comfortable with the working pattern of maybe moving to a 9 day fortnight
  • Weather not being very nice hasn't really helped - it's back to being cold and wet after a taste of warmth
  • One of my blog posts from Wednesday got some hits on Saturday, which I'm quite happy with
  • Because it's been quite busy, and I've not had much downtime, I've not done much Apex Legends nor have I read that much this week
  • Had a good chat about mental health with my sister

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