Week Notes 20#22

A three-day work week:

  • Had a lovely chilled Bank Holiday Monday, where we did some gardening, and got some sun
  • Our Sainsbury's order that we were quite impressed that we could book did not actually get delivered due to "an internet/power failure", which then for some reason meant they didn't send us any notifications. Not great, as we didn't know until I'd called them up over an hour after our delivery slot (that evening). Frustrating considering that we could've gone shopping ourselves in the day, but undoubtedly worse for folks who were relying on the delivery
  • Went shopping before Tuesday's DevOpsNotts instead, but meant we missed the first talk, and was a shame that we felt a bit rushed. But was a nice walk to Sainsbury's in the sun
  • Soundtrack of the week was cortado, Pt. 2
  • Work has been pretty busy this week, and I've made a bad habit of not making enough time for lunch, so it's been eating into my time to enjoy the sun, and relax with Anna, which is a shame
    • Pushing to get the signatures work failed at one of the last hurdles - it turns out the library is better formed than the service sending the signatures, which is a real shame, and is blocking Prod releases
    • Been a busy week prepping for my mid-year appraisal, which came round a bit sooner than I'd expected, but feel like I'm in a good place, I just need to get some last bits of feedback to put me in a comfortable place
  • Enjoyed TechFast on Thursday, it was quite nice having the meetup before work, but I definitely had forgotten about it, got up late, and then had to rush getting ready which kinda ruined it (for me)
  • Took Friday off work, as over last weekend I realised I had a lot of stuff around the house I should really be doing
    • Ended up not doing as much stuff as I'd planned, but had a really nice long weekend
    • Joined the Friday quiz with my team, which was nice, and got to socialise a little before everyone went off for the weekend
    • Didn't think about work at all! Yay for me being able to switch off
  • Nice start to the official weekend with Saturday chilled with Anna and Morph on laptops
  • Didn't spend much time at all on my side projects over the weekend, I think as I'd spent some of Friday working on my own things, that made it easier to "let go"
    • I did do some thinking about internal architecture, and what I could work on next, but was very little code
    • I instead spent time playing Apex Legends, so that helped split the time
  • Spent a fair bit of Saturday in the sun, playing Luigi's Mansion 3 which I've restarted on the new Switch, as I didn't get too far and felt I may as well re-start to get used to the controls/story again
  • My back's been hurting a fair bit over the weekend, so Sunday morning I decided to actually do something and did a back-specific workout and started investing in my core, as I remember Mr G mentioning a weak core leads to painful back
    • Hoping to get into a daily routine of doing these to help invest in my health
    • Ordered a new Eve mattress, as they were heavily recommended by friends in the Nottingham community
    • Also looking at investing in a new office chair (Herman Millers are currently winning on recommendations)
  • Wrote a super handy script unpack to help coercing between different types of encoded content (i.e. JWTs) that I usually interact with
  • Watched Blockers
  • Watched Friends with Benefits
  • Watched Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn
  • Sunday was a super social day!
    • Had a lovely catch up with Rich and Sophie
    • Had a lovely in-person catch up with Carol, which was nice to see someone in person (although at a safe distance)
  • I've been thinking a lot about one of Andrew's comments the other day where he used the term "asynchronous friendship", and this is such a great way of describing a lot of my relationships, and I think of this phrase really affectionately
  • Been getting a good number of hits on Reading a Servlet/Spring Request Body Multiple Times through my link on a link on Spring's issue tracker, which is cool
  • Morph has been super cute this week
  • The world has been an incredible trash fire this week

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