Week Notes 20#21

A busy week ending with a bank holiday:

  • Our Fire Stick TV remote died, which was pretty annoying, but the Android app appears to be fairly good
  • Played a lot of Apex Legends, which I've again been doing pretty well with
    • Enjoyed the first quest, which was a nice story-based challenge
  • Busy week at work, unfortunately not ending as well as I'd hoped, with our production release on Tuesday not being ready
    • But also a bit quiet, with a few lulls
    • Got some good cross-team collaboration, and some great learnings from different approaches to the same problems
    • Felt like I'd worked two days in one, on Friday
  • Was pretty happy with my article Converting Output from Rest Assured to Curl Requests
  • Fought, but finally got around to the Netlify post-deploy notifications migration sorted, but will blog about it tomorrow
  • Updated my Performing Mutual TLS Authentication with Rest Assured (via Apache HTTP Client) article updated with real working code, as it wasn't actually working, as I discovered a couple of weeks ago
  • Bank holiday's been pretty relaxed, and haven't really got much done on my projects
  • Had our first KFC since lockdown started! It was so good
  • Watched The Wrong Missy
    • Was a little bit sad because they were in a beautiful hotel in Hawaii, and it's unlikely we'll be able to go on holiday until maybe this time next year
  • Watched Long Shot
  • Watched Just Friends
  • Watched Stranger Than Fiction
  • New Tech Nottingham / Women in Tech seasons were announced - very excited
  • Not much reading this week
  • Did some yoga with Anna this afternoon, which was different, but nice, and I think I'm gonna try to do more of!
  • Spent less time outside of the house this week than planned
  • Managed to get shopping order for tomorrow, which was pretty good last-minut
  • Like normal life, although I realised I needed a haircut over a month ago, I still haven't done it 😅
  • Realised that since October (the last time I weighed myself + recorded it) I've lost 5kg. Not bad! No clue if it's related to the lockdown, and no longer having big lunches at work

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