Week Notes 19

A busy, but generally productive week, ending with a Friday bank holiday:

  • Worked 8-8 on Monday, just to get a few things over the line for work, as the rest of the week was pretty busy and wouldn't be possible to get things sorted. Managed to get the library prod-ready, and hopefully going live tomorrow! Very exciting
  • Had a nice catch-up with Richard on Tuesday at his Animal Crossing island
  • Got our Ikea delivery, which we mostly set up, but aren't sure whether the BEKANT screen is going to do a good enough job, unfortunately, as it's a bit short
  • Spent a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon in the sun, reading Leviathan Wakes (of which I finished this evening)
  • Watched A Million Ways to Die in the West
  • Started watching Modern Family - I've only watched a few episodes before, and Anna's not seen it, so thought we may as well
  • Morph started the week off with lots of stress
  • Added contact support to my Micropub server
  • Created a firehose feed for all my content, and split it out from what may be important to others
  • Played a fair bit of Apex to try and get the rest of my unlocks before the end of the season
  • 6 month anniversary of Kaki's death on Friday - been toying with a blog post, but didn't end up writing it
  • Found the Spotify Radio for Beyond the Heliosphere to be really damn good for a nice chilled background
  • Didn't do as many of the things on my TODO list as I've hoped
  • Enjoyed a long scroll through Anna's TikTok on Saturday morning, as I was held captive by Morph and couldn't reach my own phone - some good things, but after installing on my own phone, I uninstalled due to some of the recommended content
  • Had a long chat on Thursday with a neighbour about my ruptured appendix, as he'd recently had some unplanned gastro surgery, and it was "fun" to compare notes / scars!

Not sure there's much else to talk about, so either it's been super busy and I've not done that much, or I've completely forgotten what's happened!

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