Week Notes 18

Busy week at work:

  • With Monday being end of sprint, and things not quite in the right place to close nicely, I had to hole myself up and get my head down to work on finishing some stuff - it was nice, because I was able to get a tonne done, and felt pretty happy with the resulting code I'd written - but I know that I didn't bring a colleague along on the journey so that was a shame
  • Been enjoying Apex Legends' Battle Armour event, and managed to get some great progress on previous weekly challenges, as it's easier to kill folks
  • Realised some tins of beans - that we bought about a month ago, when the UK lockdown started - had been slightly damaged in the supermarket, and been slowly leaking and spoiling. Luckily the mould didn't seep into the shelf, but it was pretty grim
  • Had some good progress on spiking out my IndieAuth server, using Spring Boot OAuth2, although not 100% sure if it makes sense to use it, then rip out of most of the code so it works with IndieAuth. I may just write my own authorization server
  • Got 31.5 on The Big Quiz
  • Binging Paradise PD on Sunday afternoon
  • Started to re-watch Love, as we've only seen it once, and it's such a lovely programme
  • Tried a couple of episodes of New Girl but not sure it really gels with us - some of the attitudes feel pretty dated
  • Watched the first episode of Ozark, which was a bit darker than expected, but we'll carry on with, as it's meant to be really good
  • Watched Extraction, which we really enjoyed
  • Added support for owning events on my site - hopefully I'll get a blog post out today/tomorrow for it
  • Adding support for a firehose feed
  • Noticed my neck hurting / doing lots of hair flicks, so realised it's time to cut my hair
  • Been out for a few walks this week, which has been nice and we're going to try and do more this week
  • Enjoyed another virtual escape room!
  • Morph has added a fair bit of stress towards the beginning of the week
  • VPN outage at work on Wednesday threw off productivity a fair bit, although I did get some internal refactoring done that I wouldn't have done otherwise
  • Received a tonne of traffic on New Desk/Office Setup - according to Matomo, it's been 895 views (at time of posting) as well as Google Search Console showing 686 of those as via search traffic, with over 37000 impressions!
  • But most importantly, Rakki Rakkas reopened!! We've been missing it greatly, and having a Saturday takeaway from it was really amazing, and like nothing's changed!
  • My boss has had some very strong Coronavirus symptoms, which has been a little bit worrying - we've heard how he's been getting on with it and have been pretty worried, both for him, and about how awful he is. But fingers crossed he's over the worst of it

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