Week Notes 20#17

A pretty busy week (at work), with today being day 46 of self-quarantine:

  • Tech Nottingham on Monday was good, Euan is a great speaker, and had some good thoughts I need to write up
  • On-call ended with no issues, which was nice
  • Work has been pretty full-on this week
    • Getting lots done for the shared library (which is now running very close to the wire)
    • Quite a bit of back-and-forth across lots of things, so been a bit more tiring with context-switching
    • Also coming on to 6 weeks before mid-year appraisal, which I want to make sure I'm prepared for!
  • Aligned the rendering of feed across kinds which I was pretty happy with to be honest. I really like how articles now appear in the feed, and the consistency of formats, as well as icons on i.e. step counts
  • Added support for h-cite markup on my h-feed so it means consumers get the same information about i.e. Twitter interactions that folks get when browsing the page
  • Carol came over to drop off my birthday present, and we had a nice long catchup with her (at a safe distance), which was really nice. It was super weird to be interacting with another human person that didn't involve a screen, and I feel like I'm going to need to get used to it in the future when it's commonplace again.
  • While chatting, Morph came out to see what was going on, and noticed one of the neighbourhood cats coming into his territory. The Siamese cat gave him a little meow, and Morph properly yeowled back, and then gave it a big hiss, which scared it off. Bless him, he's keeping us safe
  • Had a virtual escape room, which was lots of fun, and I'm looking forward to doing again this coming Thursday!
  • Friday and the weekend was mostly spent on the new office setup, which I'm looking forward to seeing over the week
    • We had a bit of a trial run, while I was gaming/coding and Anna was on a Tech Nottingham call, and it seemed to be a fair bit better
    • Anna's worked a bit more downstairs over this last week because we've both been on video calls a lot, and it hasn't been as fun right next to each other
  • Added support for which queries are supported on my Micropub endpoint
  • Fixed post-deploy as a result of the above changes
  • Spent some time getting q=source for post list there, but didn't quite finish
  • Investigated q=contacts, but didn't get into the code
  • Got 35.5/50 in today's The Big Quiz for Cancer Research UK - Live!
  • Accidentally left the freezer open a little on Thursday, so Friday/the weekend has been going through things that slightly thawed. We'll need to start refilling our emergency rations, like bread (for soup, if we had to self-isolate)
  • Didn't do many chores this weekend, partly because we did lots of moving and tidying of the office, and have felt a bit tired!
  • Had a lovely walk on Sunday with Anna - went nosing around some of the lovely houses in Sherwood, and managed to do almost 5000 steps while we were out
  • Watched 21 Bridges
  • Was very disappointed with a Ferrero Rocher easter egg

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