Week Notes 20#14

Another week of lockdown:

  • Lockdown was pretty OK this week, we're getting used to it, and are alright in our routine, although getting to bed early unfortunately isn't part of that. I've also worked a lot later than I should've this week, which has meant I've had a lot less energy throughout the week. On Saturday I got a 12 hour sleep and felt OK, but most days I've not been enjoying getting up
    • Managed to cope OK with the mix of fresh and frozen food we had
    • Been surprising just how much money we're saving by only eating Gousto + groceries, not any of the other sources, nor having lunches at work!
  • Had a very draining Monday, due to a couple of production-facing issues I'd discovered (before any customer impact), which involved a bit of the week looking into
  • Morph kicked off the week with such a stressed Monday that definitely didn't help my mood, or start the week off well, especially after the busy Monday, and then ended up with us eating super late
  • Hit a weird issue with my headphones not connecting after pairing them with my Windows gaming partition on my desktop, and found the solution documented on the Arch Wiki - just pair it again
  • Got quote tweets working on my site through Bridgy, after realising that you need to do it with a h-cite u-quotation-of on a post that does not have a u-repost-of!
  • Had a really nice catch up with Rich and Sophie on Wednesday, who I've not properly caught up with since we saw them on New Year's Eve
  • Caught Morph's foot a tiny bit in the door after trying to leave him outside between mid afternoon and his dinner, leading to me being very stressed about it, and him rightfully not being so happy, but he was okay, just a little scared, but not hurt
  • Had some fun playing with the gold Mozambique on Apex Legends - super overpowered, and helped get a couple of wins!
  • Morph has started to sleep under the sofa again, in the space under the footstool
  • Homebrew Website Club Nottingham was quiet with only me attending, but it was alright as it meant I could get working on what I wanted to
  • Got my Micropub Media Endpoint de-duplicating uploaded media by using a content-addressable hash, meaning the same file gets uploaded with the same URL, with a hopefully fairly limited collision space
  • Spent about an hour on Saturday working through my Micropub server and replacing Java fields with getters/setters very painfully, before realising that IntellIJ can do it with "encapsulate fields" in its Refactor menu. Doh!
  • Got some motivation to work on Micropub Update functionality, as I re-read the spec and realise it's not as difficult as I thought - hopefully something to get to this week
  • The pizza puzzle (that I got for my birthday from my family) that Anna and I started last week took us a large amount of the week chipping away, but was good fun as something different to do
  • Bought Good Job at the weekend, and through the week Anna and I had fun playing at lunch, and a bit in the evenings. It's great fun, we've been enjoying the mix of being brainteaser puzzles, and being able to utterly trash the office to get to your end goal. It's been great fun and we've enjoyed playing together
  • Sunday was a PC-less day (until now, writing this) as we did some tidying + cleaning out in the garden - and a bit of enjoying the sun - as well as more Good Job and watching TV. Been a nice day, feeling more chilled, albeit I didn't get to the personal projects I wanted to, but 🤷 it's not like I'll not get to them
  • A couple of our friends have had Corona symptoms / actually been diagnosed, and it's brought it closer to home than we'd have liked
  • Had a good time at Women In Tech Nottingham on Thursday - it was a great talk, and although a different format, was still quite good
    • My sister was able to make to, as well, which was really nice as she could see what our meetups are like
  • Closing out this quarter at work has meant planning work for refinement in our planning week next week

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