Week Notes 20#13

The first week of the UK's lockdown:

  • Before the lockdown announcement came out, Anna and I had a bit of a suspicion, so we hit Asda for some anxiety shopping - we didn't really have anything in the house that would last if we were stuck for over a week, and after coming back felt much better. Did another shop on Saturday which hopefully will last us at least 10 days, so we can reduce our outgoing
    • Having all the large takeaways close their doors has been a bit of a morale hit, as I would've hoped they'd last a bit longer. We're not going for even the ones that are open, so it's our own cooking from now on
  • I've really been missing having my standing desk, so mid-week I found a few books and boxes I could use to hold my laptop up as a makeshift standing desk. Not ideal, but at least I wasn't sitting all the time
  • Worked very late a couple of days - partly cause there wasn't enough time during the day to get things done, partly because it's easier to carry on working when you don't have to physically leave the office, and partly because I didn't have anything better to do that evening
  • Finally moved my KeePass database from Dropbox to Google Drive - reducing my reliance on a service I'm not that enthused about, and that doesn't support Linux very well - to a service that doesn't support Linux at all, but at least there's the great command-line tool drive, and it's one less service to have set up on a new device
  • Had some fun on Friday at work fighting what I thought was a weird bug with Gradle not running my tests, before realising I'd got the testCompile not testImplementation
  • Had a good organisers catchup for PHPMiNDS on Friday evening
  • Got the shared library for work finally ready for code review - hoping to get some good feedback and help improve the way I decided to architect + implement it
  • Been enjoying my Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones, now I've got them connected to my desktop via a Bluetooth dongle
  • Been thoroughly enjoying Designated Survivor - it's been a great programme to get sucked into without needing to
  • Motivation has been pretty low outside of work, but I've played a lot of Apex Legends which is good
  • Had some frustrating family conversations around Coronavirus and unnecessary risks - I get that no one really wants to consider themselves at risk, but it's very frustrating, especially when it is life threatening, especially for those at risk!
  • We've been having a few more social catchups at work - including a twice-daily coffee break in the calendar - which has been nice to make sure folks are still socialising with people
  • Been enjoying playing with my new Dyson vacuum cleaner - it's way easier than the old one, and being able to get bits on the ceiling much more easily
  • Had a Sol with lunch on Sunday because why not!
  • Started reading The Expanse series - Leviathan Wakes
  • Not yet started going very stir crazy, just a little bit
  • I've been finding that routine is helping - getting up at 0730, making breakfast while Anna showers, showering and changing into clothes, and then having breakfast with morning emails/messages
  • We've been keeping on top of things like washing and washing up much better - more routine to get into!
  • Morph hasn't been too stressed this week, which has been nice

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