Week Notes 20#12

A full week of social distancing:

  • We've noticed that our home WiFi isn't doing as well as wired recently, but are expecting that it's just because of the increased amount of devices and stress locally
  • Had my first remote meetup - Homebrew Website Club Nottingham - which was nice because folks who wouldn't usually have made it come
  • Had a couple of walks, but not until the end of the week
  • It was my birthday on Tuesday, which as you would expect had a very different feel
    • We were going to have an in-person dinner with board/Switch games, but we decided not to risk it after hearing on Tuesday that one of Anna's colleagues had Coronavirus
    • We usually take time off for birthdays, but I didn't plan to because I'd had a holiday in January, and Anna and I were hoping to get a few days away soon - which obviously won't be happening now!
    • We've got into a good groove, and have felt comfortable spending some time separately, given we mostly spend the rest of the day together
  • Lots of working from home:
    • As a team - and an organisation - we're doing well at working remotely and we're doing lots of remote team building activities which is good
    • Went out on Wednesday to the high street for supplies - it was super stressful, and we were very aware of ourselves, and there was definitely a level of tension
    • We've been more on top of housework, which has been a nice side effect!
    • Morph has been enjoying lots of photos
    • Missing my standing desk, and not being (constantly) interrupted to walk to meetings, as I'm sitting now a lot more than I'm used to
  • Had a pretty annoying mouth ulcer which I've been continually biting
  • Rakki Rakkas closed on Wednesday, but we didn't realise until Saturday when we were hoping to get a takeaway - we really hope they can open when things get back on track
  • Haven't really had a productive week re side projects - with the days being pretty busy and involving lots of sitting working, I've not felt as motivated to work on things, which is OK!
  • Started watching Designated Survivor
  • Started watching 100 Humans
  • Bought a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3s, because I've found it quite annoying to switch between my desktop (for music) and my work laptop (for calls) - I'm looking forward to being able to more easily switch
    • I haven't had much luck getting them working with my laptop, and my desktop won't have Bluetooth until Wednesday, so maybe for the following week notes I'll have some thoughts about going wireless
  • Been catching up with more people than usual which is nice

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