Week Notes 20#11

A pretty busy week, ending with the start of potentially months of self-isolation:

  • With it being the last week before the PSD2 deadline on March 14th, it was fairly busy
    • Of the four teams working on PSD2, the only team I didn't help get their release out on Tuesday was my own - partly as I managed to delegate that out, but also because I had some Subject Matter Knowledge with tools and processes
    • Felt pretty good to help with cross-cutting delivery in the interest of getting the platform live
  • My blog post Google confirms Microformats are still a recommended metadata format for content was posted on Hacker News which resulted in ~2000 views (according to my tracking analytics)
  • Had some good pairing on the shared library with my colleague - it's really coming together, and I'm hoping it'll be ready for folks to code review it
  • Wednesday afternoon ended with an email from the US leadership to say that effective immediately, we should work from home, as part of precautionary measures for Coronavirus - of course, folks can work from the office, but the expectation is that we restrict the number of folks in the office, so that those that do have to work from the office can more safely
    • To make Wednesday worse, in the evening we ended up having a pretty bad storm
    • Anna and I had decided that from Monday we'd work from home to isolate ourselves, which I was feeling alright with, but then having the decision made for us wasn't as fun, especially because it made it very real as a thing that was happening
    • We've been taking this as a great opportunity to start to get in a better life-work balance, starting work earlier and getting to bed earlier too - so I'm looking forward to that
    • Morph has been very much enjoying us being home, and has had lots of photos of him
    • After the first day being a bit of a shock, because it's the first time we time we have worked from home together, we've acclimatised - will be interesting to see how it gets on long-term though
    • Got some good discussions with the team about how we're going to handle remote-friendly working, which I may share in the coming days
  • This weekend was IndieWebCamp London, which was fully remote due to Coronavirus. I'll be writing up the event hopefully in the next couple of days, but still had a good time
  • Watched Spenser Confidential which was pretty good
  • Re-watched Ender's Game, which I so very much enjoy
  • Had a takeaway from Wandering Dragon (which we've not had in quite a few months) which was nice, largely because of the impact that Coronavirus is having on Chinese takeaways
  • Couldn't get my haircut, and I'm now concerned I'll have to do it myself!

With this coming week being my birthday, I'm a little concerned about whether we should even meet up for dinner.

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