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I've also implemented this in my Micropub server:

  • when creating a post, and the draft scope is present, the post-status is forced to draft (even if it's set otherwise in the post)
  • when updating a post, and the draft scope is present, the update is only allowed when updating a draft post, otherwise returns insufficient_scope
  • delete/undelete returns insufficient_scope when the draft scope is present


So I sorted my Webmention sending issue after an incredibly frustrating day of fighting with Jackson parsing my XML sitemap. I'm still not sure what the issue was, as I've ended up replacing my POJO with another one, but 🤷🏽‍♂️ at least Webmentions are sending again


Woops, looks like I broke my Webmention sending yesterday when I upgraded all my versions of Spring / Spring Boot. That'd explain why things haven't syndicated to Twitter today. Film time now, so will fix tomorrow!


I interact a lot with Twitter from my website, and as such the interactions you see are i.e. "Like of @indiewebcamp's tweet" which isn't super helpful. So I've just added the ability to mark up my interactions with some context of what the post was so it's eaiser to see without navigating there.

This is using the awesome https://granary.io/ and will hopefully make reading Twitter interactions through my site much nicer!

You can see https://www.jvt.me/mf2/2020/02/ihnc5/ for an example of what it'll look like (including photos!), and https://indieweb.org/reply-context for more info from around the #indieweb


My Micropub endpoint has a fair bit of unit testing inside the Java project ( https://gitlab.com/jamietanna/www-api/tree/develop/www-api-web/micropub ) for common flows, but I've also found a tonne of implementation issues by integrating with real Micropub clients.

Some of it is an issue on a Micropub client, but most of it is something I've missed or assumed incorrectly.

I'm thinking to create a stubbed version ( https://gitlab.com/jamietanna/www-api/issues/26 ) that I can then use with https://micropub.rocks to ensure compliance.

Some of it is also a case of reading through the Micropub spec!


Well, I think I've cracked it - after a few weeks of on-and-off work on making my webmention sending not spam everyone (see https://www.jvt.me/posts/2019/10/30/reader-mail-webmention-spam/ ) - it's now not re-sending them if they're successful. This is a good first step, but I'll be improving it to re-send if the post's data has changed since last time it tried (in the future).

Note that this isn't quite done yet, expect it to be live tomorrow perhaps.