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Attached: 4 images After god knows how many years of work, the people behind the #StarWars 4K project have released the final installment. For those who don't know: a group of dedicated restorers, unhappy with the reworked Special Editions, hunted down, scanned and restored the original 35mm theatrical prints of the first Star Wars trilogy in Ultra High Definition. They're better than the official blurays. Incredible work, not only in terms of authentic content but even the picture quality is superior.


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Watching Return of the Jedi, and something grated on me for a moment. "It's an older code, sir, but it checks out. I *was* about to let them through." Surely the Empire would have better OpSec than this? ...oh, wait. Gigantic Enterprise-scale operation, driven by fear and tight deadlines, with lots of silos and mini-empires with a culture of internal rivalry for Dear Leader's favour? Never mind. It checks out; I'll let it through.