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SQLite is often misconceived as a "toy database", only good for mobile applications and embedded systems because it's default configuration is optimized for embedded use cases, so most people trying it will encounter poor performances and the dreaded SQLITE_BUSY error. But what if I told you that by tuning a


Anyone know a good place to ask #sqlite or #sql questions?

I'm trying to convert rows (produced by a big query that then uses a GROUP BY advisory_type) that produces data like:

-- the `advisory_type` can be one of multiple values, i.e. SECURITY, DEPRECATED, UNSUPPORTED
repo    advisory_type  total_advisories
------  -------------  ----------------
jvt.me  SECURITY       10               
jvt.me  DEPRECATED     5               

And I'm trying to convert this to:

repo    total_security total_deprecated total_unmaintained
------  -------------  ---------------- ----------------
jvt.me  10             5                0               

Any clue how I'd go about doing so? Happy to provide more details / some data for you to query too, but been playing around with it on and off and not really having any luck.