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Anyone know a good place to ask #sqlite or #sql questions?

I'm trying to convert rows (produced by a big query that then uses a GROUP BY advisory_type) that produces data like:

-- the `advisory_type` can be one of multiple values, i.e. SECURITY, DEPRECATED, UNSUPPORTED
repo    advisory_type  total_advisories
------  -------------  ----------------
jvt.me  SECURITY       10               
jvt.me  DEPRECATED     5               

And I'm trying to convert this to:

repo    total_security total_deprecated total_unmaintained
------  -------------  ---------------- ----------------
jvt.me  10             5                0               

Any clue how I'd go about doing so? Happy to provide more details / some data for you to query too, but been playing around with it on and off and not really having any luck.