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Very excited for this Thursday's PHPMiNDS about How to make digital technology more sustainable from @hanopcon

With the ongoing decline of the climate emergency, as well as the increased usage of cryptocurrencies, there's definitely something to think about in terms of how we improve our impact on this dying world

More details can be found on their website or via Meetup


Very excited to be hosting Lorna Jane at this week's PHPMiNDS talking all about OpenAPI - hope you can join us to understand some more about how you can better document your APIs! More details are on the PHPMiNDS website, phpminds.org


I'm very much looking forward to finding out a bit more about #Kubernetes tonight at #PHPMiNDS from the awesome Marcus Noble!

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We're learning about a large migration Richard Paul did for thousands of domains to Let's Encrypt certs, fronted by HAProxy at tonight's #PHPMiNDS - quite a feat!


Is anyone at #TechNott interested in #PHP? You're in luck, because Thursday is #PHPMiNDS and we've got the awesome @akrabat speaking about Slim 4: PHP's Microwebframework

More details on the website https://phpminds.org/ and the Meetup https://www.meetup.com/PHPMiNDS-in-Nottingham/events/268999773/


I want to say a big thanks for everyone who came to https://phpminds.org this evening to hear my talk about the IndieWeb!

I hope you all got something out of the talk and it's encouraged you to look into it a bit more - come along to https://www.jvt.me/events/homebrew-website-club-nottingham/ for more IndieWeb + personal website building.

I'm looking forward to getting a blog post out, covering it, but that may have to wait until I give the talk at https://oggcamp.org in October.


I will be attending PHPMiNDS: The Politics of Tool-Shaming

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This is going to be a very interesting talk - there is so much of this around (I'm guilty too) and it'll be good to hear some more about it from James Seconde


Joining PHPMiNDS' organising team

I'm super excited to announce that I'm joining the organising team for https://phpminds.org/ !

Trawling back through the Meetup.com group for PHPMiNDS, I found the earliest time I marked myself as attending was November 2016.

I've never been a PHP dev, although I've dabbled for years. But I've always seen it as a great community, and have been attending for most months since then.

Attending tech meetups has always been about bettering myself, and learning more, and the talks at PHPMiNDS can absolutely be applied to my work, despite it being a different tech stack.

Before https://www.jvt.me/posts/2019/04/11/phpminds-april/ Shaun had mentioned to me about looking for another pair of hands with organising PHPMiNDS, and after a little bit of time to mull it over I decided I would definitely be interested in getting involved.

I'm really excited to start to help out Adoni (https://pavlakis.uk) and Shaun (https://shaunhare.co.uk) with organising the meetup, and I hope continue making it as awesome for others as it has been to me.