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Using else often encourages complexer code structure, makes code less readable. In most cases you can refactor it using early returns.

This is a good tip for any language!

Recommended read: Avoid using else - Freek Van der Herten's blog on PHP, Laravel and JavaScript https://freek.dev/2212-avoid-using-else


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Is anyone at #TechNott interested in #PHP? You're in luck, because Thursday is #PHPMiNDS and we've got the awesome @akrabat speaking about Slim 4: PHP's Microwebframework

More details on the website https://phpminds.org/ and the Meetup https://www.meetup.com/PHPMiNDS-in-Nottingham/events/268999773/


A great read about why PHP is still a great choice in 2020, despite the bad press it gets from developers (who likely haven't touched it in years).

Recommended read: PHP in 2020 https://stitcher.io/blog/php-in-2020