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Liked What is the info property in OpenAPI? by Arnaud Lauret 
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The info property of an OpenAPI document contains metadata that provides an overview of an API, but what does it represent exactly? How did it evolve across the OpenAPI Specification versions? And how to can it be used and misused? This is the second post in the OpenAPI Specification Reference series.


This is a really great idea - API gateways / ingress tooling utilising OpenAPI is much better than requiring duplication, and ensures that teams are building with API documentation first, but would be a barrier for those who need to backfill docs

Recommended read: An OpenAPI-first Ingress Controller for Kubernetes -  Kusk Gateway - Kubeshop https://kubeshop.io/blog/configure-ingress-with-openapi


Sorry for the late reply - thanks for this info folks. That'd be useful, and would allow us to deprecate all sorts of things, especially going forward 👍🏽


Folks who work a lot with #OpenApi - is there a way to specify different securitySchemes and different headers based on what type of server is being used? I.e. to clarify between local/integrated systems?


Very excited to be hosting Lorna Jane at this week's PHPMiNDS talking all about OpenAPI - hope you can join us to understand some more about how you can better document your APIs! More details are on the PHPMiNDS website, phpminds.org