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The #TechNott announcement is here - they're running seasons, with three months of amazing speakers planned.

This is yet another thing to show why the tech community in #Nottingham is booming - it's like a monthly mini conference!

Spring season for Tech Nottingham opening slides


This is a great post by https://mindthe.net/devices/ about the awesome tech community we have in Nottingham and why its such a lovely place to be personally and professionally.

Recommended read: The Nottingham Tech Community https://blog.dddeastmidlands.com/2019/10/10/nottingham-tech-community.html


This is one of those posts that sums up why the Nottingham tech community is so amazing - it's well worth a read, especially if you're not from Nottingham!

Recommended read: What the Tech Community in Nottingham means to me - Lex Lofthouse https://medium.com/@loftio/what-the-tech-community-in-nottingham-means-to-me-f0fa17bb162