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One of the perks of moving into my #NewHouse was that it'd allow me to go over to Lidl to get warm cookies whenever I wanted. It's been just over a month, and I've done it - starting the day with a warm, gooey cookie and a good cup of tea is the best ways to start a week 🍪🍵


With all the excitement of the #NewHouse, I'd missed this #Christmas hamper from work - what a lovely reminder of #LifeAtCapitalOne and the wonderful ways we're looked after - in addition to the £100 M&S voucher I won last week!

A box of Tetley English Breakfast tea, a carton of 200 Degrees Brazillian Love Affair coffee, a card from Capital One, a cone titled reindeer food and a warning that it isn't for human consumption, a cone of sweets, a jar of winter chutney, a jar of festive picallili, and a mulled wine kit with instructions for alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants


To celebrate my #NewHouse, I'm pairing a gorgeous Brut with a succulent breast of chicken, with pomme frites, and a jus de viande. Yep, Champers and KFC, like a true adult 🙌🏼

Jamie and Anna toasting to the new house with two Champagne flutes, in front of a bag of KFC, with Black Panther on the TV behind, next to boxes of yet-to-be-unpacked belongings