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Does anyone have any resources for managing neurodiverse people at work? I have an autistic+ADHD pal who needs support and adjustments made in how they work (e.g. better ways of tracking hours, trouble with being interrupted during a task, looming existential dread at unplanned meetings and most of all difficulty articulating needs) and it would be great to send them something they can show their manager.


Something funny I realised in the last few years is that I've internalised the way that JD from Scrubs tilts his head off to one side to daydream, but instead of daydreaming it's better process or imagine something that someone is saying 😅


I'd probably say my use of my blog to record info for future me - I technical blog about a lot of things that end up saving me time in the future as I just need to vaguely remember if I've done it before and I can look up my articles. Helps that a tonne of other people gain value from my blogging too!