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So Anna Dodson has perfectly summed up my relationship with #Morph in this photo - I'm having the best time and he's pleading to be left alone 😹 this is after two minutes of purring and kitty kisses, if that helps!

Jamie looking at Morph, a black cat, beaming, with his paw on Jamie's nose, and looking back at the camera with an expression that says "I'm so tired of this shit"


#Morph has been the one swearing at Anna Dodson while we're trying to do some yoga cause he hasn't been getting attention 😹


Hey everyone, I've solved the biggest issue of the day. Y'all no longer need to worry, it's all good. #Morph is no longer chilly

Black cat sitting up slightly, wrapped in a red blanket


#Morph racing through the house and into the back garden at the sound of birds chirping is especially concerning 😬


Really interesting talk at #TechFast, and #Morph is enjoying having breakfast with us ☺



I'm going to say that the paws pressed against my face are there lovingly as we have a little pre-bedtime cuddle

Black cat lying on his side, stretched out, with his paws resting on Jamie's cheek


Happy birthday to me! A lovely start to the morning opening cards with a champagne flute of Tango, with the wonderful https://annadodson.co.uk and #Morph

If you visit my site today you'll notice birthday balloons that I copied from Aaron Parecki this weekend at #IndieWebCamp London

Three birthday cards on a tray, circling a champagne flute that looks like it is full of bucks fizz but is actually Tango