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Not much #Hacktoberfest at tonight's #HomebrewWebsiteClub but I did manage to almost get my auto-configuring #Micropub editor set up so it'll provide me a way to create content for any posts that are supported on my site! This uses q=post-types and works really nicely, from some limited local testing

Screenshot of Jamie's editor, showing a list of post types that are configured on his staging Micropub server Screenshot of Jamie's editor, showing a bookmark editor, which has all the properties listed that are possible for his Micropub server's implementation of bookmarks


Answer to my question: Indigenous for Android expects that this list is the full post's content, as it renders some of the information (as seen in https://media.jvt.me/5a9abbb797.png) and I found would break if any nulls were found.


As this has been accepted should the big warning under "Uploading a photo with alt text" I. https://www.w3.org/TR/micropub/#json-syntax have been updated to clarify that this is now the standard?

I'd be happy to raise the PR


Woo! Got #Micropub edit functionality working 🙌 https://gitlab.com/jamietanna/jvt.me/-/commit/fda688f955c351000095a7e5c8ee294513afad6b is my first update through the API. Next will be getting my syndication links auto updated once syndication is reported as successful, but not one to do tonight



It may not be ready by the #IndieWeb newsletter tomorrow, but I'm hoping my web-based Micropub media endpoint upload client will be live this weekend - exactly what would fit for https://jlelse.blog/micro/2020/01/2020-01-01-frviz/



TLDR: Nearly everyone who wants micropub support writes their own library, endpoint, or whole cms or blog engine.

I believe part of this is because Micropub requires intimate knowledge of how your own site is set up, so unfortunately can't be written as a generic solution, because most folks won't have things set up the same way, even on ie WordPress using common IndieWeb plugins

It's still a good point that maybe we need to look at creating an out-of-the-box Micropub endpoint for some of the common tech stacks.


#IndieWeb folks using Indigenous for Android (https://indigenous.realize.be/) or at least allowing a Geo URI (geo:51.501476,-0.140634) on their #Micropub endpoint - do you attempt to remap that longitude / latitude ref to a place, or do you currently just render it as-is?


My Micropub endpoint has a fair bit of unit testing inside the Java project ( https://gitlab.com/jamietanna/www-api/tree/develop/www-api-web/micropub ) for common flows, but I've also found a tonne of implementation issues by integrating with real Micropub clients.

Some of it is an issue on a Micropub client, but most of it is something I've missed or assumed incorrectly.

I'm thinking to create a stubbed version ( https://gitlab.com/jamietanna/www-api/issues/26 ) that I can then use with https://micropub.rocks to ensure compliance.

Some of it is also a case of reading through the Micropub spec!


Woo, thanks to https://realize.be/ for releasing an update of the wonderful Android app https://indigenous.realize.be/ which adds in a fix to not send multiple bearer tokens in Micropub requests ( https://github.com/swentel/indigenous-android/issues/241 )

This started breaking for me when I upgraded my Micropub endpoint to use the spring-oauth2-resource-server module ( https://gitlab.com/jamietanna/www-api/merge_requests/27 ) which is a well-formed OAuth2 server, whereas my previous implementation was not.

Super speedy fix, and glad to be back to using the app again!