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Real shame to see that @Meetup are further restricting their platform by locking down API access - maybe document this better before going through the process to register?

Thank you for submitting an application to access Meetup’s API and authenticate with OAuth2. This process provides a better and more secure experience for all Meetup members. Your request for API Access through OAuth has been denied. In order to be eligible for API access through OAuth you need to have a Meetup Pro Account.


Great to see that Meetup.com has realised the error in their ways, even if it was only meant for a small group (but not written as such)


I still think there's some lasting damage there and we should still be looking to build open platforms.


With the recent news of Meetup.com increasing prices for organisers https://twitter.com/securestep9/status/1183798804371386369?s=19 this is great to see the alternatives mapped out!

Recommended read: Meetup.com alternatives https://www.notion.so/Meetup-Alternatives-36d73649d34f4bba9e2065f1fa8cd03f