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Do I know of anyone using (Arch) #Linux on a new Dell XPS 13 9300? I'm very tempted to get one (in maybe a couple of months) but wonder what support is like? Especially the fingerprint sensor


This is a great resource to highlight the difficulty of creating temporary files safely - something I've tried to share before but without these great examples.

Its especially bad if using a shared CI/CD server and putting downloaded files into /tmp as you don't know whether it'll be clobbered / stolen by others on the instance

Recommended read: Safely Creating And Using Temporary Files https://www.netmeister.org/blog/mktemp.html


This is a great, fairly well balanced, look at the latest proposal from http://0pointer.de/lennart/ about user management on Linux systems. An interesting proposal with pros and cons - it'll be interesting to see what comes of it.

Recommended read: Pack Your Bags – Systemd Is Taking You To A New Home https://hackaday.com/2019/10/16/pack-your-bags-systemd-is-taking-you-to-a-new-home/


I've found that I can use Vim for just about everything I do day-to-day (be it personal or professional work) but just not with Java. I feel I need too much of IntelliJ's functionality, and that's OK! I'm happy to admit that it is a better experience for me.

Recommended read: Modding, Vim, i3, and Efficiency https://nora.codes/post/modding-vim-i3-and-efficiency/