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A super interesting idea. I've been thinking recently whether I should maybe look at making this site dynamically rendered, but still backed with my site's content being in a Git repo

Recommended read: A Site Reborn https://calebhearth.com/a-site-reborn


I moved from Jekyll to Hugo cause of speed and massively recommend it. It's a bit painful documentation wise / if Go's templating isn't your cup of tea but I could see it being one of the longer running static site generators


An interesting idea, but surely you'd not want to break existing links to your articles, and instead have it update the article to say "this may be outdated, we're reviewing this"?

Recommended read: Blogcop: A GitHub app that helps you manage your Jekyll blog https://www.ombulabs.com/blog/github/jekyll/ruby/blogcop-for-jekyll.html