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Welcome, Matt! Thanks for blogging about your experiences, it's really great to see, especially because it was through me you've been interested in it! I'd heavily recommend https://github.com/PlaidWeb/webmention.js/ by https://beesbuzz.biz/ as I currently use it on my site and love it because I don't need to rebuild my site to show new Webmentions, although it does mean that my viewers need client-side Javascript. If you get a chance, come and talk to us on the IndieWeb chat (more details on https://indieweb.org/discuss )

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Owning My Step Count

Sharing the journey of starting to own my step counts and my technical solution.

  The Web Can't Survive a Monoculture

This is a great article on why we can't just let Google Chrome / Chromium take over the Web, and need to fight for other alternatives. But as well as looking at the browsers, we need to look to the platforms too. If everyone ie uses Twitter, then Twitter are less likely to make changes because no one has an alternative. Whereas when we have multiple viable options, folks can jump around and use better platforms if they exist. The IndieWeb is looking to do this - check out https://indieweb.org/why for a bit more info

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IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019

Recapping my time at IndieWebCamp Amsterdam, my first 'official' IndieWeb event, and meeting some of the big names in the community.