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What in particular are you finding difficult? I'm running a Hugo site and have quite a few #IndieWeb integrations


I'm quite heavily into the IndieWeb movement, in which we've designed a new standard Microsub which allows for a slightly better API than "regular" RSS/Atom readers, as it allows for you to use different feed formats on the backend. It also splits between the client and the server quite nicely, so I can use Indigenous for Android when on the move, and Monocle when I'm on the desktop. The best thing about the standard, aside from allowing extensible feed parsing, is that I can use different clients to read it, instead of relying on a single provider - which I believe we've seen with some of the RSS/Atom readers around currently.

The server I use is Aperture, built and run by Aaron Parecki, and I subscribe to a mix of RSS/Atom, JSON Feed and Microformats2 feeds


You can make it work with tools like https://twitter-atom.appspot.com/ or https://granary.io (from Ryan Barrett) which help convert to a feed format of choice. Those of us in the #IndieWeb are still heavily using open standards 👍🏽


My #PersonalWebsite is https://www.jvt.me and as I'm very into owning my own data and being part of the #IndieWeb, I'm replying to this tweet from my website!

Site itself is Hugo and hosted on Netlify


Definitely doesn't work like that. I'm posting to this site through my own website, which means I own my content, not Twitter, and definitely not you #IndieWeb


I've been doing a lot of #IndieWeb things recently which allow me to own my data a lot better - such as this tweet which is actually published to my site first, then gets syndicated to Twitter - been fun for many reasons


#HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham is on Zoom tonight, courtesy of the wonderful #IndieWeb organisers - you can find all the events details on https://events.indieweb.org/2020/03/online-homebrew-website-club-nottingham-anniversary-edition--Rcujt5SykHv1


It's about time to demo my personal website at #IndieWebCamp London - I've got some pre-written notes about what I want to talk about on https://etherpad.indieweb.org/IWC_London_Site_demos although some of you who know me will know I can talk for ages about my site and the #IndieWeb!


#IndieWeb folks who still interact with Twitter - how do you consume it? Do you use Twitter.com and share it to your ie Micropub client? Do you subscribe to it with your Microsub / Social Reader? Or something else?


One Avatar To Rule Them All

I've got this set up on my own site against https://www.jvt.me/img/profile.png and it's really great. No more finding that image you want to use - it's just there. It's available automagically via my Microformats2 h-card, so it can be machine discoverable, too. But I agree with Terence, it'd be awesome to have some standardised way to pull it from all my services, though.

Recommended read: One Avatar To Rule Them All https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2020/03/one-avatar-to-rule-them-all/


"Reducing complexity increases chance of mass adoption" - this is the reason that folks are seeing this content on Twitter on #TechNott rather than directly on my own blog.

But the #IndieWeb are trying to make things better - come and help us build a better Web which works for you!


It may not be ready by the #IndieWeb newsletter tomorrow, but I'm hoping my web-based Micropub media endpoint upload client will be live this weekend - exactly what would fit for https://jlelse.blog/micro/2020/01/2020-01-01-frviz/


I want to say that some of the folks in the #IndieWeb may be able to chime in on this too, as we try to publish events to our sites where possible


The one thing I wish I'd done when I first started my design career

In this 9 minute podcast, Craig Burgess speaks about how he wished he'd got started on his #PersonalWebsite and doing more #blogging early on in his career. Craig also speaks about the #IndieWeb and why everyone should get involved.

Recommended read: The one thing I wish I'd done when I first started my design career https://getdoingthings.com/podcast/getdoingthings/the-one-thing


I've just published the headlines of my #Spotify data for 2011-2019 on my site - https://www.jvt.me/series/music-in-review/ - organised per year, but also with a view across the whole decade! Enjoy a look into my music data #IndieWeb


Ah no - since getting involved in the #IndieWeb I've been trying to use my site as the owner for my content, wherever it's for, and then pushing it out to silos after


I interact a lot with Twitter from my website, and as such the interactions you see are i.e. "Like of @indiewebcamp's tweet" which isn't super helpful. So I've just added the ability to mark up my interactions with some context of what the post was so it's eaiser to see without navigating there.

This is using the awesome https://granary.io/ and will hopefully make reading Twitter interactions through my site much nicer!

You can see https://www.jvt.me/mf2/2020/02/ihnc5/ for an example of what it'll look like (including photos!), and https://indieweb.org/reply-context for more info from around the #indieweb


There are also lots of #HomebrewWebsiteClub events across the world where you can come and build, or enhance, your personal website with something #IndieWeb related - we've got one in Nottingham! https://events.indieweb.org/tag/hwc


For anyone at #NaConf looking to learn more about owning your data and the #IndieWeb, I recently did a talk about it, with a transcript available at https://www.jvt.me/posts/2019/10/20/indieweb-talk/ which will hopefully shed more light!


As shared in a separate comment in the thread, there's the Microformats2 specification (see https://microformats.io) which reduces duplication seen with some of the other Semantic Web formats.

You can see an example of a parsing result at http://php.microformats.io/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.jvt.me%2Fmf2%2F2020%2F01%2F2mylg%2F which produces a standardised structure for the resulting JSON, which makes interconnectivity much simpler.

Us folks in the IndieWeb (https://indieweb.org) have been using it for some time with great benefit, but it's always great to hear others reactions too!


#IndieWeb folks using Indigenous for Android (https://indigenous.realize.be/) or at least allowing a Geo URI (geo:51.501476,-0.140634) on their #Micropub endpoint - do you attempt to remap that longitude / latitude ref to a place, or do you currently just render it as-is?


Tbh I'm still using Twitter, just replying from my own site where possible (to own the data) and even when not, I'm using other #IndieWeb tools so none of it is mine per se, but at least all FOSS. And definitely better ownership. I'm looking to soon import all my old tweets to my site, as well as my #Spotify data which I received today for the last decade (via https://www.jvt.me/posts/2019/12/29/spotify-wrapped-data-request/)


Very much looking forward to tonight's #TechNott, not least because it'll be the first meetup I'm owning every interaction first from my website in #IndieWeb fashion, as well as converting hashtags to tags on the posts themselves!


Tech and non-tech friends. Please watch The Circle (https://youtu.be/QCOXARv6J9k) for a great look at a not-so-distant future of tech, and the risks if not not kept in check. Very painful to watch as it's so close to reality


The future of the web, isn't the web

A good read by Terence about how the Semantic Web and using metadata (be it Schema.org, microdata or Microformats) will build a more usable and interconnected life

Recommended read: The future of the web, isn't the web https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2019/12/the-future-of-the-web-isnt-the-web/


It’s Time to Get Personal

This is a great read about the things that being in the https://indieweb.org/ (Independent Web) can empower you with, and the ownership and agency that it affords you.

I'd recommend a read of https://www.jvt.me/posts/2019/07/22/why-website/ and https://www.jvt.me/posts/2019/10/20/indieweb-talk/ for a bit more info, too.

Recommended read: It’s Time to Get Personal https://24ways.org/2019/its-time-to-get-personal/


After seeing my Spotify Wrapped playlist for the year, and some of the usage stats, I think I'm definitely going to be writing an application to get that data out for myself and my own usages


Self-hosted site outranking Medium Publication

Another reason folks should be part of the IndieWeb, not only owning your data but getting better SEO!


Recommended read: Self-hosted site outranking Medium Publication https://www.indiehackers.com/product/prototypr-io/self-hosted-site-outranking-medium-publication--LuqyKHQ9gno3JFsyoXc


Welcome, Matt!

Thanks for blogging about your experiences, it's really great to see, especially because it was through me you've been interested in it!

I'd heavily recommend https://github.com/PlaidWeb/webmention.js/ by https://beesbuzz.biz/ as I currently use it on my site and love it because I don't need to rebuild my site to show new Webmentions, although it does mean that my viewers need client-side Javascript.

If you get a chance, come and talk to us on the IndieWeb chat (more details on https://indieweb.org/discuss )


17 Years of Blogging

A huge milestone, and a great look back at the way Ton is helping to change the community for the better by promoting better practices on ownership of our data

Recommended read: 17 Years of Blogging https://www.zylstra.org/blog/2019/11/17-years-of-blogging/


The Web Can't Survive a Monoculture

This is a great article on why we can't just let Google Chrome / Chromium take over the Web, and need to fight for other alternatives.

But as well as looking at the browsers, we need to look to the platforms too. If everyone ie uses Twitter, then Twitter are less likely to make changes because no one has an alternative. Whereas when we have multiple viable options, folks can jump around and use better platforms if they exist.

The IndieWeb is looking to do this - check out https://indieweb.org/why for a bit more info

Recommended read: The Web Can't Survive a Monoculture http://mikepennisi.com/blog/2019/the-web-cant-survive-a-monoculture/


I think at https://www.jvt.me/events/homebrew-website-club-nottingham/2019/09/18/ tonight I'm going to write a how-to for setting up your first h-card, similar to https://www.jvt.me/posts/2019/08/21/rsvp-from-your-website/


I want to say a big thanks for everyone who came to https://phpminds.org this evening to hear my talk about the IndieWeb!

I hope you all got something out of the talk and it's encouraged you to look into it a bit more - come along to https://www.jvt.me/events/homebrew-website-club-nottingham/ for more IndieWeb + personal website building.

I'm looking forward to getting a blog post out, covering it, but that may have to wait until I give the talk at https://oggcamp.org in October.


WPWeekly Episode 361 – Introduction to the IndieWeb With David Shanske

This should be a really interesting listen about getting started with the IndieWeb with David, I'd recommend it.

But in an even cooler turn of events, it was very cool to see that my article Why I Have a Website and You Should Too ( https://www.jvt.me/posts/2019/07/22/why-website/ ) discussed at roughly 39:00.

Recommended read: WPWeekly Episode 361 – Introduction to the IndieWeb With David Shanske https://wptavern.com/wpweekly-episode-361-introduction-to-the-indieweb-with-david-shanske


IndieWeb Summit 2019, day 1 - fluffy

What a great writeup of some of the happenings at IndieWeb Summit! This looked like an awesome event, and although I was unable to make it in person this year, I'm definitely planning on it next year.

There were some great sessions that I'm still catching up on, and will be interested to see what folks produce off the back of their conversations there.

Recommended read: IndieWeb Summit 2019, day 1 - fluffy https://beesbuzz.biz/blog/3785-IndieWeb-Summit-2019-day-1


Untangling the IndieWeb - David Yates

This is a great post by David recounting the 'levels' of IndieWeb capabilities, in a way that makes more sense to those who haven't been as involved in the community, and want to know how to relate to more common points of reference, like social media.

Recommended read: Untangling the IndieWeb - David Yates https://davidyat.es/2019/06/24/indieweb/


Welcome to the IndieWeb, Craig! Glad to see it's helped you think about getting to self-publishing all your content, and I look forward to following you (once there's an RSS/h-feed set up!).


Discovering the IndieWeb - Craig Burgess

When I was promoting the last Homebrew Website Club on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/JamieTanna/status/1138339357121744897 ), a friend of Craig's tweeted to mention to him about it. We then spent a couple of days talking about it - and boom, Craig is now running his own Homebrew Website Club on 18th July ( https://getdoingthings.com/homebrew-website-club-barnsley-1/ ).

Last night Craig posted this great post about joining the community and with some great explanations for newbies. Welcome, Craig!

Recommended read: Discovering the IndieWeb - Craig Burgess https://getdoingthings.com/discovering-the-indieweb/


Correctly using bookmarks (instead of reposts)

As I've embraced indie post types, such as reposts, I've noticed that actually I've been using them wrong.

Looking at https://indieweb.org/bookmark#Repost it appears I've been conflating a "retweet" on Twitter with a "repost", thinking they were the same. Alas, they are not, and it makes more sense to be a bookmark.

I've since updated the posts using the wrong type and will get things right next time!


Extending www.jvt.me to allow for other post types

Announcing support for posting notes to my website.

Welcome to my first https://indieweb.org/note ! Notes are short-form content that will be purely plain text (for now!) and are similar to tweets on Twitter or toots on Mastodon, but won't be size limited.

I've been wanting to creating other post types since starting to use https://indieweb.org/Microsub and having a social feed. I've found that I want to interact with other posts, such as like or repost others' content, much as I would do with Twitter.

Discoverability of notes currently aren't super amazing, but I'm tackling it as part of https://gitlab.com/jamietanna/jvt.me/issues/457 because adding these post types was a large enough piece of work.

With this note, I'll now be able to https://indieweb.org/bookmark , https://indieweb.org/like , https://indieweb.org/reply , https://indieweb.org/repost , and https://indieweb.org/rsvp .

RSVPs are an interesting one, because the end goal I want is for my RSVPs to be syndicated from this site to i.e. Meetup.com.

I'm hoping to work on bringing https://indieweb.org/Micropub support to this site, too, but as it's a static site with https://gohugo.io and hosted on https://gitlab.com with a full build/test/deploy pipeline, it'll be a little less straightforward, and slower, than other solutions.

I've designed the content schema to be Micropub-first, as I want to be writing these posts using a Micropub client, rather than my usual workflow. I've made the source files JSON files (which Hugo natively supports) which makes them easily machine writeable - hopefully it'll teach me to prioritise my Micropub support so I don't have to manually write JSON!

In terms of licensing, I'm going to start by them in line with my posts, as http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/legalcode , but down the line I may look at other licenses.