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Is anyone using #gitlab's Auto DevOps with a Maven/Gradle multimodule project? Thinking about maybe giving it a go, with deployment to GKE for ease of management of my services, but wanna find out if its suitable first, and how to pass secrets that would be in an application.properties on the host. Or I guess, do I need to rewire the app instead?


It feels odd to suddenly have i.e. replies to tweets be sent ~90 seconds after I post the comment, instead of ~8 minutes later. Turns out that some tweaking of #Netlify settings, reducing some of the size of files on my site, and migrating from Netlify to #Cloudfront with a self-hosted shell #gitlab CI runner makes a big difference!



I've just seen in my GitLab repo's issues that I've had an issue raised about my CI/CD configuration (https://gitlab.com/jamietanna/jvt.me/issues/664).

This seems like a great solution to try and find common issues in pipelines.

Recommended read: cd-linter https://bitbucket.org/sealuzh/cd-linter/