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Switching back to Firefox as my daily driver has not been without incident. I still can't rely on it for video calls (audio goes weird, apparently a regression was introduced recently), and it's crashy in a lossy way. I haven't had to put this much effort into restoring my tabs in years 😅 The sharp edges are worth it given the tradeoffs (weighing up privacy and the value of browser engine diversity), but my goodness I hope this gets better.


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Last few days I've had an issue where whenever I start up #firefox every tab crashes, and I can't load anything, even the settings. The only fix is to disable sandboxing. But that sounds like a slightly different issue to yours 🤔


Q: What can you do as a consumer?

Answer from Jeremy: Use #Firefox and anti-tracking software Answer from Remy: Don't be a consumer - build for the Web platform, make and share things

Jeremy: Nowadays, having a website is "disruptive" - use that to your advantage!