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Last few days I've had an issue where whenever I start up #firefox every tab crashes, and I can't load anything, even the settings. The only fix is to disable sandboxing. But that sounds like a slightly different issue to yours 🤔


Q: What can you do as a consumer?

Answer from Jeremy: Use #Firefox and anti-tracking software Answer from Remy: Don't be a consumer - build for the Web platform, make and share things

Jeremy: Nowadays, having a website is "disruptive" - use that to your advantage!



Great to see @KrishBhasin championing #Firefox's amazing privacy protection tools, ie Multi Account Containers https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/multi-account-containers/ as a way to limit blast radius of tracking #TechNott

Slide showing Firefox logo and Firefox Multi Account Containers


This is a great post by Jon about Firefox Containers and the power they can hold.

I lazily use them as a way to have i.e. multiple email accounts logged in, or at work having several AWS accounts logged in at once but have also got some pieces in place to containerise certain privacy-infringing companies' attempts to track me.

Recommended read: Preaching about Firefox Containers (and how they can change your Internet life) https://jon.sprig.gs/blog/post/1137