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It's payday at #Deliveroo and wow was it a fun one to wake up to 🤑 it included my starting bonus, but it's really something to think about how my salary increases in a year have almost doubled my compensation. Money isn't everything, but given I've spent most of this month writing code and working on interesting things, it's a massive cherry on top!


Very excited to be on my way to London to the annual internal #Deliveroo hackathon, #hackaroo! Looking forward to meeting some of my new colleagues and getting a chance to build some cool stuff that I probably can't tell you about unless you come join the team 👀


Had a pretty great first week at Deliveroo Engineering with a lot of great onboarding sessions, a super speedy access + setup, and I even managed to make some contributions across a few codebases! 🚀 Excited to spend some "first week!" credit tonight 😋


Nothing says a great start to a three day weekend than pushing the boat out for some Doughnotts doughnuts! Must've been 18 months since we had them, but #Deliveroo's #TastyThursday deal was too good to pass on!

The Doughnotts packaging, with an anthropomorphised doughnut walking and smiling A box of very large Doughnotts doughnuts - Salted Caramel, Cinnamon Scroll, two Weekend Billionaires and two Caramel Tarts