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Me too πŸ‘€ made good use of a train to London to get some abstracts together, let's see how they're received.

Whatever happens, there'll still be a blog post to TL;DW what would've been the talk

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I've just submitted a couple talk proposals to @dddem@mastodon.me.uk πŸŽ‰ Y'all should totally submit too! It's an awesome conference run my truly wonderful humans! πŸ’™ https://sessionize.com/ddd-east-midlands-conference-2023/


I didn't make it to the event in-person so definitely missed out on the hallway track, but am excited to being able to catch up on the awesome talks πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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Such a great, in-depth writeup! I'd not been able to make it to many of the sessions so this is super helpful

Recommended read: DDD East Midlands 2019 In Review https://blog.craigtp.co.uk/Post/2019/11/01/DDD_East_Midlands_2019_In_Review