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So today #Cookie is at her induction day at Ruffles doggy day care, so naturally we're making the most of the time off with her by scouring their Instagram and watching the WhatsApp group they make for us to watch updates πŸ’œ

She seems to be having the best time, and it's so lovely to have the photos/videos to know she's getting on well!

Even #Morph is making the most of the time off by coming for his first snuggle on the new sofa!!

Cookie the puppy, sitting up on a black sofa, next to a chill blondy dog lying down. Cookie looks beside herself with happiness, smiling at the camera with her tongue out at a jaunty angle. She's stolen two tennis balls and has them sat underneath her Cookie the puppy sitting on a raised fake grass bed, next to Valentine the Dashund who is looking away from the camera. Cookie is beaming at the camera, with her mouth slightly open and her tongue slightly sticking out. Cookie the puppy sitting on a raised fake grass bed, next to Valentine the Dashund, with Cookie's right paw completely under Valentine. Valentine is mid yawn/lick and her tongue is half way up her face, and Cookie is turned towards her, with her easrs back in a very happy little time Morph the cat lying between Jamie's legs on a green blanket, on top of the new footstool, truffling on the blanket, which is the first time he's done it in the two months we've had Cookie!


Today #Cookie has been a mix of very cute, doing some great training with Anna Dodson and having a bit of separation anxiety, but she's been getting better and settling more easily.

My favourite moment was Anna giving me a kiss, and Cookie seeing this and immediately wanting to get in on it too, by giving me a nice slobbery kiss of her own all over my face πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

She's been super cuddly too, and enjoyed one of many nice sofa naps earlier ☺

Being a dog owner isn't a walk in the park (pun intended) but it's been very rewarding so far πŸ₯°

Cookie, the dog, asleep on her back with her paws over her eyes and her belly exposed, lying on a red blanket