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#Cookie is a little more obvious, as she keeps getting up and flopping back down in a slightly different position, enjoying the sun

Cookie flopped on her side, with one paw mid-scratch on the side of her face, stretched out and enjoying the sun


#Cookie has decided we're sunning ourselves in the conservatory this afternoon. Luckily I have my laptop, cause I'm not allowed to move πŸ˜‚

A view of the side of Jamie's leg, with Cookie the dog lying pushed up against him, on her side asleep, in a cute Zeedog harness


Not pictured is literally seconds before, #Cookie was trying to eat my cookie - I don't think she'd mind being a cannibal, but she doesn't understand chocolate is bad!

Cookie sleeping on a red blanket, and above, Jamie is holding a Lidl double chocolate cookie on a plate


Today #Cookie has been a mix of very cute, doing some great training with Anna Dodson and having a bit of separation anxiety, but she's been getting better and settling more easily.

My favourite moment was Anna giving me a kiss, and Cookie seeing this and immediately wanting to get in on it too, by giving me a nice slobbery kiss of her own all over my face πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

She's been super cuddly too, and enjoyed one of many nice sofa naps earlier ☺

Being a dog owner isn't a walk in the park (pun intended) but it's been very rewarding so far πŸ₯°

Cookie, the dog, asleep on her back with her paws over her eyes and her belly exposed, lying on a red blanket