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I like having code review for learning and catching common issues, bugs and missing test coverage, just to name a few, but it's good to read alternative points of view

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I've written about this before in https://www.jvt.me/posts/2019/01/12/self-code-review/ and hugely recommend it - especially when there's a way to mark it as a Draft so it's clear it's not yet ready for review. After you've added comments, it may need you to address things before it can then go out to others in the team

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We've been using emoji for this in the past, which works well as long as everyone remembers what the emoji reflect - I often forget - but doing it this way makes a lot of sense, and having them to be machine-parseable is a benefit!

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We've found it to work quite well on my team, as it allows folks to see things they're not necessarily involved in, and actively seeks out their thoughts, as well as not leaving it up to the PR raiser to decide who

(Although we're currently using the "round Robin" approach)

It also doesn't mean others can't review


A good read - I've found that too many PRs then ends up difficult as you're constantly rebasing them to remove the constant merge commits, so am happy with a larger PR with lots of atomic commits that allow reviewing them in isolation

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