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It's my #birthday! (visit my site for a surprise 🥳)

To practice some self indulgence, I'd love to hear some compliments and/or contributions to support my ongoing work blogging and Open Source'ing 🤓

And while I've got your attention:

  • support the people who blog and build Open Source you use, and get your company to support the projects they rely on
  • build a website
  • join a union


Happy birthday to me! A lovely start to the morning opening cards with a champagne flute of Tango, with the wonderful https://annadodson.co.uk and #Morph

If you visit my site today you'll notice birthday balloons that I copied from Aaron Parecki this weekend at #IndieWebCamp London

Three birthday cards on a tray, circling a champagne flute that looks like it is full of bucks fizz but is actually Tango