The Storytime project aims to provide a more immersive environment for reading to children, by providing context-sensitive lighting for a smart lightbulb that changes depending on the page's content; for instance, if there is a flame on the page, the light will flicker like a candle.

This is an idea that we are continuing to pursue, and as such source and details are not provided.

Tech Stack

This project was built using the following technologies:

  • Node.JS: A platform for developing server-side applications in Javascript.
  • Express.JS: A web framework for developing Node.JS applications.
  • Lifx: Wi-Fi enabled smart LED lightbulbs without the need for a hub.
  • Bootstrap: A popular responsive front-end framework.
  • PayPal: An online payments system that makes it possible to transfer money via email addresses.
  • MySQL: An open-source relational database management system.