I gave a talk to Hacksoc Nottingham about using Git in October 2015. The talk covers a quick introduction to what Git is, and why it was created, leading into a few examples of Git in use. I then worked through a practical demo, with slides on one half of the screen, and a terminal in the other. This was found to be very useful by attendees, and allowed them to see both context and the practical application of using Git.

The slides are built using LaTeX Beamer, using the Stockholm theme for a stylish, modern look. The presentation content itself is released under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 and can be built by cloning the repo and running make inside the intro-to-git folder. Alternatively, a copy of the generated PDF can be found in the Github releases.

Tech Stack

This project was built using the following technologies:

  • LaTeX: A word processor and document markup language written in plain text.
  • LaTeX Beamer: A LaTeX document class for writing presentations.

Project Links

Find the project on Github .