My dotfiles are all the configuration files I use with my Arch install, such as Vim and my Window Manager, BSPWM. These configs are shared on GitHub so I can easily clone them wherever I am, and also so others can see how I like things configured.

I try to keep my dotfiles following good practices, both with Git, and with its code. As such, my commit messages explain the reasonings for the changes, in such a way that I'll be able to go back and work out why I added it.

I recently added the ability to bootstrap my system by simply cloning the repo and running ./, which installs my dotfiles in the correct places and installs all associated dependencies needed.

Device-specific code is stored in the same branch, with the suffix set to the host. For instance, a custom .vimrc for the host TheColonel would be stored as .vimrc.TheColonel, and then will be unpacked to .vimrc.local.