Be Paid to Get Deployed

A tool to allow auto-deployment of web development changes upon full payments from clients.

Evaluating Application Sandbox Systems on Linux

A project to evaluate the different methods to sandbox Linux packages, aiming to find a method which will provide ease-of-use at the same time as protecting the privacy of the user. is a rich, immersive environment to encourage young children to read by pairing books with a Lifx smart lightbulb.

Football Facsimile

A self-playing, top-down agent-based football simulation built in Java.


Portapay is a Firefox OS app that finds the nearest public restroom in London, and allows you to pay via PayPal.


PySnake is a Snake game written in PyGame, with a few extra game mechanics to throw off the experienced.


An API to get information about me.


A web application to automatically categorise your Dropbox photos for you.


A disassembler for ARM assembly ELF files, with symbol decoding.


My configuration files for my Linux installations; be it Vim, Zsh, or BSPWM.

My personal website and blog, built on Jekyll.

LaTeX Starter project

Project generator for creating LaTeX documents opinionated structure.

Libelius Student Organiser

A web application for students with timetable integration and the ability to set homework.


An Android application to provide easy access to Mendeley papers via NFC.

MyMLH Backend

An open-source backend to enable hackathon organisers to easily and meaningfully integrate the MyMLH backend into their organisation workflow.


Fine grained user/group access control for nginx basic HTTP authentication.

Public Key Web Authentication

Public Key Web Authentication is a project aiming to abolish passwords by using key-based authentication.


Source code + final files for talks I've given in the past.


A tool to spin up a VPS for a workshop, configure the software to install, and provision it with a set number of users.