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Automating Promotion of Jekyll Posts from Draft to Post

The handy script I've created to automate publishing a draft in Jekyll, with handy Zsh + Bash autocomplete.

My editorial workflow for blog posts

Taking you through the journey I go on when writing blog posts, from ideation to publishing the post.

Viewing Git history of a file in git log while ignoring file renames

How to track changes to files in Git without pesky file renames getting in the way, using git log --follow.

SSLError When Running Berkshelf Behind a Proxy

Getting around the pesky OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError SSLv2/v3 read server hello A error when running Berkshelf behind a proxy.

Viewing your diff while writing your commits with git commit --verbose

Making it easier to write commit messages by having the diff in your editor.

Extracting SSL/TLS Certificate Chains Using OpenSSL

A quick one-liner to get you the full certificate chain in .pem format.