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Pretty Printing JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) on the Command Line using Ruby

How to easily introspect and pretty print a JWT on the command line using Ruby's standard library, or using the ruby-jwt external library.

Pretty Printing JSON on the Command Line with Ruby

Using Ruby's JSON module to pretty print JSON objects from the command line.

Morsels of Goodness: What's Cooking in Chef 14?

A look at the new features coming in the new Chef 14 release, as well as what to watch out for when upgrading.

Bundling Common Rake Tasks into a Gem

An example of how to create a helper gem for common Rake task, using the real-world example of Chef cookbooks.

Verify a Ruby Class Method is Called with Arguments in Rspec, Without Doubles or Mocks

Rspec code to verify that a Ruby Class Method is called from another method, without needing to mock anything.

Converting YAML to JSON and vice versa (Part 1 - Ruby)

Coerce YAML to JSON and vice versa, from the comfort of your Gem-studded command line.