Tag Nodejs

Pretty Printing JSON using Node.JS on the Command Line

Using Node.JS's JSON module to pretty print JSON objects from the command line.

Converting X.509 and PKCS#8 .pem file to a JWKS (in Node.JS)

Converting X.509 and PKCS#8 files to JWKS format, using the node-jose library.

TYKJS Middleware Gotcha When Base 64 Decoding Data

How to workaround the Failed to base64 decode: illegal base64 data at input byte error when trying to use b64dec in TYKJS middleware.

Unit Testing Your TYK (TYKJS) Middleware

Writing unit tests (in this case using Jasmine) for the TYK API Gateway's JavaScript middleware functionality.

Hackference 2018

A review of my time at Hackference's 1-day conference and 24-hour hackathon.