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Safely Force Pushing with Git using `--force-with-lease=ref`

How git push --force-with-lease=ref can save you from overriding others' changes on shared Git branches

My editorial workflow for blog posts

Taking you through the journey I go on when writing blog posts, from ideation to publishing the post.

Viewing Git history of a file in `git log` while ignoring file renames

How to track changes to files in Git without pesky file renames getting in the way, using git log --follow

Pretty Printing JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) on the Command Line using Ruby

How to easily introspect and pretty print a JWT on the command line using Ruby's standard library, or using the ruby-jwt external library.

Merging multiple repositories into a monorepo, while preserving history, using `git subtree`

How to merge multiple repositories, with their history, into a single repository, using the git subtree add command

Better Git Diff Outputs with Git Submodules

How to get nicer diffs when working with submodules.

Sharing Multiple SSH Sessions over the Same Network Socket

Reusing network sockets for speed and reduction of authentication handshakes with OpenSSH.

Executing an Interactive Python Shell (REPL) for a Script

Using python -i to get an interactive REPL after running a Python source file.

`SSLError` When Running Berkshelf Behind a Proxy

Getting around the pesky OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError SSLv2/v3 read server hello A error when running Berkshelf behind a proxy

Converting YAML to JSON and vice versa (Part 1 - Ruby)

Coerce YAML to JSON and vice versa, from the comfort of your Gem-studded command line.

glances, a `top` and `htop` replacement

I share the tool I have been using for system utilisation and monitoring, glances.